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We are very lucky to have some of the best extension specialists in the business. Qualified in every method, covering; bonded, all types of weave applications and ring methods – including mesh integration. We offer free no obligation consultations to discuss what method is best suited to you. We would love to help you achieve your desired look.


All hair extensions appointments require a consultation to quote price and to find the best method to suit each individual. Call 01524 848847 to book a consultation today or send us a message.

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Keratin Bonds.

Keratin bonds are applied in the structure by our professional hair extension specialists. Keratin is a natural PH of your hair. Causing no damage to your natural hair. This method last around 3/5 months with correct after care followed. Book a consultation with one of our professionals for more information.

Flat Track Weave.

Flat track weave is a new method using micro rings and a sewn in method. It’s is less damaging than a plaited weft. This method last around 6-8 weeks then a maintenance appointment is needed for a refit or the extensions to prevent damage to the natural hair .

Naked Weave.

Then naked weave is a discrete method making it easier to wear your hair up less visible in the hair and less tension on your natural hair. This is great for those who like to wear there hair up and have it more discreet! Maintain appointment needed 8/12 weeks. More information upon consultation.

LA Weave.

An LA weave is a secure method of weft application. Micro rings are applied close to the scalp, using small sections of hair across the head. The weft is then sewn firmly in to the micro rings. The advantage of this application is it lasts for around 3 months, making maintenance appointments less frequent, as opposed to other methods which last around 6 weeks.

Micro / Nano Rings.

These are applied individual to the hair with a small metal silicone lined ring this is similar to the keratin bond method. Maintenance appointments needed 8-12 weeks. Book a consultation today with one of our professionals for more information.

Mesh Integration.

Lauren also specialises in mesh integration. This method is for women with alopecia & up to 50% hair loss . These are designed for women who don’t want the bulkiness or a wig and have enough hair to apply mesh integration units . For more information a consultation is required with Lauren.

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